Bazar Exchange electronic platform provides a service for exchanging electronic title units (digital currencies and cryptocurrencies) directly between participants (p2p) using technical solutions of the service. We do not carry out exchanges, but only provide a site for advertising, posting and searching  exchange offers from users. Users carry out all operations among themselves, guided by the Rules  and using technical solutions of the service.

Bazar Exchange Terms, Conditions and Definitions.

1. Agreement with the rules.

   a) This agreement establishes the Rules for using the Bazar service. If you do not agree to any of these conditions, please do not use this site.
   b) If you perform any actions on this site (registration, creation of an offer, acceptance, etc.), then it is considered that you have read and agreed to these Terms.
   c) Please note that these terms of service are subject to revision and change without prior notice.

  2. Permitted jurisdictions.

   The services provided by the site may be prohibited or require additional permissions in some countries and regions (for example, in the USA). By accepting these rules, you confirm that you are not a resident of such jurisdiction (or you have permission to conduct such activities).

3. Registration and account.

    a) By registering on the site, you automatically agree to these terms.
    b) You confirm that the personal data specified in the account (name, phone number, bank cards) are real and belong to you. The service reserves the right to restrict access to an account if data fraud is discovered.
    c) The user must ensure the safety of passwords and access keys to his account. It is not allowed to transfer the account for use to other persons.

4. Offers and trade.

   With a registered account, you can create exchange offers or accept a suitable offer from another user. You must use valid account and card numbers, if according to the rules of exchange the user must verify the card (account), then this must be done before creating the proposal (agreement).


Basic definitions of trade:

Order (offer) - an offer to exchange a user of a service. It is created in the account.

Acceptance - the user's agreement with the terms of exchange established in the Order.

Offeror - the user who created the exchange offer.

Acceptor - the user who accepted the offer (exchange offer).


Basic requirements for trade:

1) The user has the right to create an Offer (order) for any period allowed by the service, he can set any exchange rate, any restrictions on the amount of exchange, but not more than actually available funds.

2) The user has the right to accept any of the active offers available.

3) Parties to the transaction may specify the details in a special chat.

4) In the event of a dispute, users report this to the service through a special form on the Agreement page. The service performs arbitration of disputes.

5) The parties have the right to refuse to conduct a transaction on the created acceptance. Money sent to guarantor wallets is refunded minus payment system fees. Repeated creation and cancellation of acceptances can be regarded as a flood. The service has the right to restrict access to such an account or to refuse service.

6) All fees for transfers are paid by the parties to the transaction themselves, each on its own side when sending the payment.

7) Transactions conducted without a Service Guarantor are not protected. You act at your own risk. Service is not responsible for such operations.


5. Service guarantor.


a) Bazar Exchange provides Guarantor services in digital currency exchange operations.

The Guarantor mechanism involves the short-term storage of electronic signs on the service wallets in one of the Payment systems, until the participant receives the payment in another payment system and confirms it by clicking the corresponding button on the acceptance page.

b) The service guarantees that the funds received in the guarantor's accounts will be sent to the other side of the transaction, or returned to the sender if the exchange did not take place.

c) The service charges a fee for operations protected by the guarantor. Commission is charged in transaction currency. The size of the fees is on the Information tab.

d) The service is not responsible for the operation of payment systems and wallets. The guarantor service is provided only subject to availability and proper operation of the payment system site. If the site of the payment system does not work, then it can be turned off, the funds stored in the wallet will be paid when the site will work.

6. Transactions without a guarantor.

The service allows you to carry out transactions without using the Guarantor. Such transactions are not safe, but the service tries to secure such operations as much as possible.

For this service a separate fee is charged according to the price list.

7. Confidentiality and security.

The service guarantees the safety of your personal data and the data of your transactions. This information is confidential and cannot be disclosed unless the user has committed fraudulent activity and the request comes from police or judicial authorities.

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